Tasting menu

Smoked oyster, lovage, horseradish and frozen Signe Tillisch apple

Potatoes, squid, Oscietra caviar and jalapeño

Lightly baked scallop, mushrooms, pear and lemon thyme

Langoustine in three servings:
Boiled claw with lemongrass emulsion
Steamed tail, rutabaga and ginger
Broth, Akitakomachi rice and quail egg

Monkfish, fermented apple, white truffles, baked celeriac and nutmeg

Öland wheat focaccia, bone broth and rillette with honey and black truffle

Mallard duck, rosehip, sansho pepper, and citrus

Venison, endive, truffle and black currant

Bitter rowan berry jelly, bergamott sorbet and whipped eggwhite

Caramelized apple, pine, apple doughnut and milk ice cream

Small pastries and chocolates