A la carte

1st Servings

Scallop, porcini and pear

Lightly baked scallop, autum mushrooms, pear and celery

Porcini mushroom dashi with lemon thyme oil


Beef tartare, Oscietra caviar and horseradish

Dry aged beef tartare, nori oil, Oscietra caviar and horseradish

Grilled salad, herbs and cucumber

Pommes soufflé


King crab, tomato and marigold

Pan fried king crab, fermented tomato and caraway seeds

Lightly sautéed tomatoes, tomato aspic and marigold oil

King crab rillette, reduced cream and pointed cabbage


2nd Servings

Monkfish, aubergine and pineappleweed

Charcoal grilled monkfish brushed with roasted garlic

Pineappleweed and charred lemon emulsion

Woodfire baked aubergine, onion and herbs

Charcoal grilled beans and chicken jus


Roe Deer, endive and beets

Pan-fried saddle of roe deer, charcoal grilled leg au farci and truffle braised endive

Roe deer jus with black currant leaf oil

Baked and charred beets with preserved, unripe black currants

Potato rose


Summer legumes, charcoaled herbs and steamed bun

Steamed summer legumes, cabbage broth and fermented black pepper

Charcoal grilled herbs and kohlrabi

Steamed bun, crisp rice, algea and black garlic

Deep fried carciofini


Sweet Servings

Sweet Servings

Peach, pistachio and honey

Baked peach, pistachio praline and jasmine tea

Chilled raspberries and raspberry gelée

Mascarpone and summer honey ice cream


Blueberries, raspberries and coconut

Blueberries and raspberries in blueberry tuile

Roasted coconut ice cream

Layered brioche, creme anglaise and blueberry jam


Chocolate, coffee and tonka bean

Chocolate biscuit, cremeux and tuile

Tonka chantilly

Coffee ice cream and cold coffee sauce